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The Rural Gentleman – Delia Maguire

An English priest comes to rural Ireland and with the unique perspective of the outsider, peels back the big stories that make up small lives. Ultimately this is a novel about restoration and the impact an individual can have on the way others perceive and understand l the people and events in their own life.. The central character finds fruit in the knowledge that even for great writers the greatest stories surrounding them are not the ones they write, but the difficulties, obstructions and brushes with scandal that constitute their own life.

Without condoning or sensationalizing the scandals that rocked the Catholic Church, this novel offers another perspective. Sometimes the urge to resort to history is nothing more than an attempt to distance ourselves from issues we may not like to face, and the book acknowledges that sometimes talking about historical events is easier than confronting the abuses of power in our time.

‘Who am I?’ is the question The Rural Gentleman poses, and the answer is far more than you’d expect.

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Delia Maguire’s novel ‘The Rural Gentleman’ has delighted readers in both Ireland, the UK and beyond.

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